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The NHHBA is known as “The Voice of New Hampshire’s Housing Industry” and strives to keep consumers up-to-date with all the latest issues concerning buying, building, remodeling, or maintaining their home!

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Home Owners, use this page to find tips on homeownership, how to protect yourself, and to find the very best contractor for any project, whether its a small remodel or building a home from the ground up.

Plus, the traditional advantages of homeownership remain:

  • Homeownership is the single largest creator of wealth for Americans.
  • On a national level, home appreciation has historically risen 5-6 percent annually.
  • Mortgage tax deductions can result in thousands of dollars of tax savings, especially in the early years of the mortgage when interest makes up most of the payment.
  • It is truly the cornerstone of the American way of life, and the fulfillment of the American dream.

The NHHBA feels it is important to educate consumers on building issues and will share different industry reports in this section. Any questions should be directed to the NHHBA office at (603) 228-0351,

Did you know that today’s home buyers in New Hampshire have greater opportunities than they have had in years:

  • Home prices remain at historic affordable levels but are beginning to increase reflecting a strengthening economy.
  • Houses are staying on the market for a shorter period of time, creating a sense of higher urgency for home shoppers.
  • Mortgage interest rates are still very affordable and remain near historic lows at around 3.5 percent.
  • With an improving economy, the New Hampshire economy is well positioned for future house price appreciation

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