Committees & Councils

All members of the New Hampshire Home Builders Association are invited to indicate their interest in serving on the various committees and councils.

The association relies on the leadership of members to provide expertise and experience on the issues and challenges facing the home building, remodeling, and development industries in New Hampshire.

Serving on a committee is one of the most rewarding of volunteer assignments. Not only is the association and industry being served but volunteers find themselves growing professionally and personally through the many high-level contacts made.

Required Meeting Attendance and Communication Policy:

Serving on a committee will require that you attend a majority of the committee or council meetings that are held throughout the year. Participating in committee meetings by Zoom or conference call shall be permitted by the chair on a limited basis. Committee members are requires to utilize email to conduct committee business due to the need, at times, to convey multiple pages/documents.


It is very important to understand the time commitment involved. Serving on an NHHBA Committee or Council is an important responsibility and should be taken very seriously. Your contributions and expertise will be important in advancing the mission of the association on behalf of the home building industry in New Hampshire.

The full description of the association leadership positions, committees, and operating structure is described in the association bylaws.

If interested in participating in any of these committees or councils, contact Executive Director, Matt Mayberry at or his personal cell at 603.969.7077 or

Ways to Get Involved:

Government Affairs Committee

The Committee shall monitor, investigate, consider and examine such federal, state and local governmental action, regulation, policy or legislation as may be of interest to the Association and shall serve as a liaison between the Association and government officials in these arenas. The Committee shall prepare any necessary recommendations for Association action with respect thereto. The Committee shall apply appropriate strategies to address legislative and regulatory matters, including but not limited to sponsoring legislation, advocating for/against proposed legislation and educating Members regarding proposed legislative activities.

Home Show Committee

The Committee oversees and assists with the planning of the home show including, but not limited to, sponsorships, volunteers, seminars, demonstrations, Lego build competition, move-in / move-out scheduling, and opening ceremonies. Committee members are required to volunteer during the 3-day event.

Membership Committee

The Committee shall support the Association’s goals of increasing membership and retention in the local associations and councils and increase the diversity of the membership.  The Committee shall develop programs and services to assist local associations in attaining their membership and recruitment goals.

Remodelers Council

Council shall be the recognized voice of the professional remodeler in New Hampshire by unifying the industry, promoting a broader understanding of remodeling, and increasing consumer awareness of the credibility of the NHHBA Remodeler.  The Council is dedicated to providing quality education, information as well as business and social networking to members of the building industry.

Veterans Council

This Council identifies and connects military veterans allowing these council members to connect in a different way and perhaps share some common challenges and network in a way that only those who have served our Country can do instantly.  The Veterans Council play an especially large role in Hammers for Veterans and helping those who went before them.