Why Choose a NHHBA Member?

Why Choose a NHHBA Member?

Why is it important to choose to work with a NHHBA member?
  • Our members are part of a recognized trade association and are asked to adhere to a very specific code of ethics.
  • By being affiliated with regional, state and national organizations, our members are exposed to the latest industry information, best practices and other important information that sets them apart from other companies.
  • It is the most informed, most trained, most innovative, most financially stable companies who choose to join a Home Builders Association (HBA) such as NHHBA.
  • Our members demonstrate a strong commitment to the industry and community.

How do I identify a NHHBA member?

  • Look for the NHHBA logo on our members’ websites, print ads, signage, business cards, company vehicles and social media pages.
  • Review our Business Directory
  • Call us! We’re happy to help you find a member. (603) 228-0351.

Please Note: as a membership-based organization, we are not able to refer one member over another, nor do we have regulatory authority over who joins our association. We encourage you to look into the background of any professional you are considering hiring. Some suggestions include:

  • Verify current licensure
  • Request copies of insurance certificates
  • Ask for referrals (and contact those past customers)