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Sales Corner

Every month a different real estate agent will share some insight about what customers are saying.  This month’s agent is Janet Bagely of Vizuluxe.


The days of excess and large jetted tubs in the master baths are gone, thankfully because no one likes to get in a big empty tub to clean it. We are far more practical these day. ìPeople want the things they really need versus the bells and whistles,î says Stephen Melman, director of economic services for the NAHB, in Washington, D.C. ìWhen Millennial purchase, theyíre not going for the media room, etc., Theyíre going to think about affordabilityówhat do I really need and what can I afford?î

When selling a home, a buyer will be well aware of the basic trends. Open concept homes, with modern conveniences like forced hot air and central AC. The hardscapes in a home such as granite counter-tops have been key finds for quite some time now. Quartze is lighter in color these days as an upgrade from the Dark Granite. Knock a non-bearning wall down, (with a professional of course) and open up the space.

Transitional style is in. Itís cross style somewhat the elegant trim of the Victorian era, but with craftsman style, simpler lines. A flat casing surrounding doors and windows, but with one single router bead line down the edge. It gives a  clean sophisticated look to a home with little detail.

Transition these items during a remodel or include in a fresh new build.

Open concept with 9 or 10 ft ceilings of flexible everyday living and kitchen spaces are intertwined. Less formal dining rooms and more breakfast nooks, or eat in kitchen, multi-use levels of space on the center islands with different levels, the baby boomers like bar stools, but a standard chair height up to a kitchen island also helps with the little bakers.

2/ Multi-function
Laundry rooms need to be on the same living space floor as the bedrooms. Itís also doubly working as an Amazon delivery/paper goods storage space. Letís hide it all, and throw it behind a French pocket door with blurred windows (lights).

3/ Lighting
Exterior lighting, walkway solar lighting, are all important as far as safety. Just check your local sky light ordinance, as some towns donít even want lights at the end of the walkway on the street.

4/ Efficiency
Energy efficiency, Energy star is familiar to most people, and its important as the costs continue to rise. But the idea of Net Zero homes are still pretty far off. Solar panels are still not here and now, but hopefully they will break into the market at an affordable rate in our century.

5/Heating & Cooling
Ceiling Fans are still ranking high, for air circulation and not just for bringing heat down from the ceiling in the winter. Homes today have tight envelopes and are no longer breathing. This helps with that stale air.

6/Outdoor Living
Patios versus decks. Yes, plastic decking is helpful in terms of low maintenance, but the patio is back. Get back in touch with the grass in your back yard. The grill is safely away from the house and at times built into the patio space with an outdoor cabinet.

7/Floors and Windows
Hardwood floors, or the cutting edge idea of tile that can be plastic based or laminate based, that looks like hardwood. This is great for famlies with doggies. Gone are the days of tile and grout cleaning in the kitchen. Hardwood through out the main living areas favored over carpeting. Window treatments no longer exist as fabric, but as clever window shades.

Storage space, weather its in the garage, for all those sports that our kids do, or its in the bath, where between the double sinks, you have a cabinet, that holds everything that needs to sit directly on the counter. Quick easy access.

Now if you wish to really stand out among the other homes on the market, add these items to your home to attract the space and tech conscious buyers.

Tech control on your mobile phone. When your home, your mobile devices are docked at a tech charging station in the kitchen simply with a wall mounted power strip. Your fridge will become your new google family calendar. Thermostats, garge door openers, and lighting are all run on your mobile phone = the master remote!

Itís no longer about expressional color design in a home. Itís a place of serenity. Gray has been the color of the last 4-5 years, and many homeowners are merging towards something with a little more sophisticated with blueís based in white and grey.